Enthralling Podcasts To Listen To in 2021

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way for busy people to inform, educate and entertain themselves. It’s getting even easier to access them as well; whether you’re listening via your smartphone, music player or on the web, there’s certain to be a subject that interests you.

One can find great podcasts for anything they want to learn- science, history, philosophy, languages, news, everything under the sun. It absolutely depends on what one wishes to learn about or listen to!

Here, are some the 10 best podcasts to bunch-listen to in your spare time.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Format: Individual episodes
Length: 1111 episodes so far, 2 hours each

The Joe Rogan Experience is a spotify exclusive audio and video podcast hosted by American comedian and television host Joe Rogan. It was originally launched on December 24, 2009, by Rogan and comedian Brian Redban, who is also producer and co-host. Jamie Vernon took over Brian Redban’s role as the co-host and producer in 2013.

By 2015, it was one of the world’s most popular podcasts, regularly receiving millions of views per episode, also including a wide array of guests.

The Joe Budden Podcast

Format: Individual episodes
Length: 440 episodes so far, 2-3 hours each

The Joe Budden Podcast (formerly I’ll Name This Podcast Later) is a podcast released twice a week, mainly through YouTube and SoundCloud.

Hosted by Joe Budden, Jamil “Mal” Clay, Rory Farrell and Parks Vallely, the show covers numerous topics ranging from music to sports, but primarily focuses on Hip-Hop and the events pertaining to it from the previous week

A regular fixture on the show is a phone-in segment, where Budden will call someone to either ask for their opinion on a subject or question them about an incident involving them in the past week. Past phone-in guests have included: Royce, Shawn Stockman, Kevin Durant, Swiss Beats and many others.

If you are very inquisitive in the whole Hip-hop culture, then this podcast is definitely for you.

Podcast & Chill With MacG

Format: Popular Culture
Length: 225 episodes so far, – 60 – 80 minutes each

Listen on: Spotify, Youtube or any other podcast app or streaming service

If you are hunting for something to give you a good laugh while also catching up on what’s currently happening in South Africa an other worldwide news, the Podcast & Chill is a perfect platform to provide you with just that.

The podcast is hosted by MacG, Solpheduka and a mystery female host called the Ghost Lady discussing current events, including entertainment news, sex, relationships, politics, and anything and everything interesting.

The show has had a wide range of guests in their weekly thursday celebrity interview feature such, Dj Sbu, Pearl Thusi, Presley Tsweneyage, Rick Rick, Nasty C, Kanyi Mbau, Dj Zinhle and many others.

The podcast also have a weekly Friday feature called Black Friday where it features South African brands and businesses to help give them exposure and a fanfare to their YouTube audience.

Join them each week as they explore the issues of the day with a bit of humour and exceptional commentary to keep entertained.


Remember When… With Andile Ndlovu

Format: Individual episodes
Length: 6 episodes so far, 31 – 52 minutes each

Listen on: Spotify, or any other podcast app or streaming service

This brand-new podcast is a personal walk down memory lane. In each episode, host Andile Ndlovu’s revisits different cultural phenomena that shaped his youth. He travels back in time to examine what scandals and sensations said about the state of the nation at various points in early post-apartheid South Africa.

From Penny Heyns winning gold at the 1996 Olympics to a controversial and wildly popular TV series Yizo Yizo that aired between 1999 and 2004. The format is simple, with some host narration and two-way interviews spliced with archival recordings. The show is a satisfying deep dive into South African popular culture sprinkled with nostalgia.

Happy listening!

The Dojo Podcast

Format: Individual episodes
Length: 9 Season, 2 – 3 hours

The Dojo Podcast is home to unfiltered conversations, raw opinions and hysterical banter. The podcast is hosted by the Sensei and The Archbishop as they unpack trending topics, HipHop and Life in their quest for true enlightenment.

The Witness Podcast

Format: Series
Length: 2 episodes so far, between 37 – 44 minutes each
Listen on: Apple PodcastsSpotify, or any other podcast app or streaming service

2020 saw South Africa’s podcast landscape increasingly populated by series created by a new kid on the block, Volume, a podcast production company that partners with NGOs and businesses to generate content and experiments with distribution via WhatsApp.

Co-founded by Paul McNally of Wits Journalism and the Citizen Justi Network, Volume has seized on a contributed to the local podcast industry’s growth. The Witness is hosted by Fatima Hassan and intersperses narration with interviews with whistleblowers and experts.

Topical and locally resonant, episode one profiles Andrew Feinstein’s journey from blowing the whistle on the 1999 Arms Deal to establishing Shadow World Investigations; while the second explores the personal costs of Bianca Goodson’s 2017 decision to testify to state capture at Eskom. Take a listen and learn more about what it takes to blow the whistle and why it’s so vital to do so

Politics Unmuted

Format: Individual episodes
Length: 8 episodes so far, between 26 – 33 minutes each
Listen on: Apple PodcastsSpotify, or any other podcast app or streaming service

This is a pretty cut and dry politics chat show and a no brainer for an existing newsroom to produce. Introduced by a fun montage of the EFF protesting their microphones being turned oIf in a particularly rowdy session in parliament, the show’s tagline is “our microphones are never muted and we turn up the volume on all things political.”

The podcast is hosted by News24’s political editor, Qaanitah Hunter alongside two of her colleagues, Lizeka Tandwa and Pieter du Toit. The three talk about the news stories of the week, offering insight and analysis.

In addition to headlines, the trio also discuss systemic issues like weaknesses in the justice system and the role of the media in a democracy. If you’re looking for a regular news fix that digs into biggest local news stories of the moment, then Politics Unmuted is for you.

The Gareth Cliff Show

Format: Individual episodes
Listen on: www.CliffCentral.com, or the CliffCentral App. Alternatively, podcasts are available on demand on iTunes, Spotify, our app, or wherever else you like to listen.

CliffCentral.com – launched on 1st May 2014 – having taken the leap from traditional terrestrial radio to the future of internet and mobile, Gareth Cliff and his team have created the pre-eminent ‘infotainment’ online content hub. It’s about sharing in real conversations – everything that happens in our world – everything we all experience every day – makes us thing that makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us angry, inspires us what makes us human. CliffCentral.com is your home and you can join us wherever you are in the world.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa Cliff Central starts the day every weekday morning with The Gareth Cliff Show and his trusted team – uncensored, real conversation about everything in the news, everything that happens in your life and everything we all experience every day, along with first-class guests, edgy material and a healthy dose of humour, intelligence and inspiration.

There are also a variety of shows and podcast series to cater for various interests – from cars, entertainment, pets and money… to history, law, business, health and more.

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